About Us

What is a Vodeo Game?

Vodeo Games are cozy-crunchy. They are small, intimate games that you can curl up with and completely lose yourself in. At the same time, they are games full of complex, interlocking systems that can take years to fully master.

What is our promise to you?

We will release one new Vodeo Game every year. Our games will cover diverse genres, settings, and topics, but they will all meet our high standards of a cozy-crunchy experience.

Who makes Vodeo Games?

Vodeo Games are made by a highly experienced team of developers who are spread across North America, but have united around a common set of beliefs:
  • Depth and accessibility are not mutually exclusive
  • There's no such thing as an apolitical game
  • Game development should be sustainable
  • Game development should be playful

Learn more about our games and our process

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